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5 Reasons…

1. Jesus Christ – changes everything

ONELIFE because our conviction is that the life of one man – Jesus Christ – changes everything. ONELIFE – the life of Jesus – can change your life.

2. ONELIFE together

ONELIFE because we believe the church (as the body of Christ) should be a community of people from different tribes, tongues and nations who share ONELIFE together in God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

3. Growth

ONELIFE because this expression captures our understanding of how the kingdom of God grows. As Bill Hybels puts it, “the kingdom of God advances ONELIFE at a time.”

4. Life holds together as one

ONELIFE because our dream is to see transformation in every area of private and public life. We believe that God is interested in every aspect of our lives and doesn’t distinguish between the sacred and the secular. In this sense, all of life holds together as one.

5. ONELIFE to live

ONELIFE because you and I only have ONELIFE. To quote John Piper, “God has given you ONELIFE to live in this age. There is no place in God’s plan for reincarnation or for you to get a chance to do it over again. You’re born, you live, you die and that life defines your eternity.”

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