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Seeing Jesus

Our desire is to look to and live for Jesus. We believe His life is best expressed and made visible through the local church. Jesus is already doing great things through His church in Burnham and Slough. We see ourselves as just one expression of this.


Our posture is 3 dimensional – upwards, inwards and outwards. This defines our core values as worship, wellbeing and welcome. We believe that Jesus transforms individuals and communities from the inside out as we adopt this posture.

Burnham, Slough and beyond

Our vision is both local and global. We are here for Burnham, Slough, the surrounding communities and the nations of the world. We see the focus for how we will work this out as being shaped by our involvement with the newfrontiers family of churches.



Our dream is to see ONELIFE – the life of Jesus – transform all life. We all have one life. And all of life holds together as one (i.e. there is no sacred / secular divide). We are passionate about becoming a community that values and reflects the diversity represented by each life.

At a time

Change takes time. Our desire is to create a culture where people can come as they are. We believe there will be much to celebrate along the way.

You can find out more about why we are called ONELIFE  here

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