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We believe that transformation is an act of grace – the outcome of the undeserved kindness of God – that we, and others around us, begin to experience as we adopt a rhythm of life, which embraces each of the 3 dimensions illustrated in the adjacent diagram.


This 3 dimensional way of living also captures the core values upon which we are looking to build our life together. These values are worship, wellbeing, and welcome.

Worship (Up)

God invites each one of us to walk with Him. The Bible tells us that we were all made in His image and were never meant to walk through life in isolation from Him. In Jesus, we not only see what God is like, but can also walk with Him and experience His smile over our lives. Enjoying God’s grace towards us and bringing Him glory through our daily lives is therefore what we believe life itself is all about! Because of this, we want to be people who live in submission to Jesus, taking our direction from Him.

Wellbeing (In)

No one is perfect – we all know what it is to have messed up. Yet as broken people we believe that wellbeing and wholeness flow from discovering that Jesus came to find us, and that in Him we become children of God – members of God’s family alongside others who have experienced the same grace in their lives as we have in ours. As we rub shoulders together – with all the delights and challenges that this brings – we want to become an authentic community of people who genuinely love one another and never lose sight of how much God has loved us.

Welcome (Out)

The beauty of grace is that it creates a space where people who have a past can have a future. Regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, postcode or belief, our conviction is that God has created each of us with equal value and worth. So whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever your story, we want to be a people who foster a culture of welcome, and among whom you will find acceptance and love.

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